How I found my teammate


After learning basics of  Web Development from FreeCodeCamp on vacation (December) I wanted to apply for RGSOC, whose project listing was in January, so I went through their projects and found some interesting projects. I installed all programs necessary for the project and was in constant contact with my mentor and Prachi, who was last year’s coach to get more knowledge about the project and RGSOC, where I came to knew that I need to apply as a team of two and both of us should be of the same city.

Search for Teammate

As RGSOC  is only for girls, I asked my girlfriends to be my team member but none of them thought they could make time for the project.So I talked about my problem (not able to get teammate) to Prachi, she helped me a lot by telling about my problem to some of her friends and also by tweeting that I needed a partner.
RGSOC team was very helpful and they retweeted this tweet of Prachi.

I also talked about this to my mentors Nico and Jen and they too tweeted that I needed a teammate.

I was humbled by their support. I am really thankful to everyone who helped me in finding a team-mate.

Meanwhile, my brother too helped me find a teammate.
Prachi also told me about her friend Jinal  who studying at DA-IICT college which was near mine college, so she could help me find teammate, it turned out that she was my brothers junior so my brother talked to her to tell and send mail to all students of DA-IICT that my sister needs teammate for RGSOC and interested may contact her. It helped me a lot I got 4 responses which one of them was busy with the internship during the time of RGSOC so she couldn’t participate with me. Then I meet with three girls in a cafe with my brother we discussed the project we were interested in and then we came upon 2 projects and finally on the weekend I again met my teammate Pranjali, 2nd  year from DA-IICT to discuss more about the project.

Looking forward to application now


My experiment with Code

Hello Everyone,

After joining PDPU, first thing that I wanted to do was to learn a lot about technology and how the technology empowers the software giants like Google, Microsoft etc.
Apart from learning the basics of Computer Programming, I was also very excited about participating in internship programs and projects.

First semester was quite challenging. I was not good with Programming initially and at first found C Programming Language to be quite over whelming, there was lot of Runtime Errors when I tried to run my code.
It was in my first semester itself, that I applied for a project via Learn IT Girl. I first got to know about the program from my brother and I prepared a very basic proposal.
I proposed a website to upload notes, a website that would be very useful during exam times. My brother was happy with my proposal and thus I submitted it.
I expected the results to be in my favour as I proposed something that was very useful and showed enthusiasm to learn. The results bogged me down as my application was rejected. My brother consoled me by suggesting me to learn more so that I become a more suitable candidate for upcoming programs.

After my first semester exams, I decided to learn about Website Development. It was something that I wanted to learn as part of my Note Sharing Website. I consulted my brother about a few resources to learn about Website development and he recommended FreeCodeCamp to me.
Now this was in my comfort zone. I already knew about HTML from my School years and the website presented good challenges to learn from. I appreciated their style of teaching and decided to solve these challenges. In about 15 days of vacation, I was able to complete HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JQuery and Javascript challenges. You can find my FreeCodeCamp profile here.

Before beginning of second semester, my brother told me that the very special thing about Computer Science is Github. It is because of Github that teams can work all over the globe on the same project. It is a very important part of developing code as Coding is not a single person job and many people work on the same project. He showed me an introductory video about Github and then we viewed a course on Github from Udacity.

I believe that it was a good use of my vacation time as I learnt a lot about website development.